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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we install Solar systems for such a low cost?
Thanks to the RECs you will receive solar credits which we collect on your behalf, helping to pay for the system.

What is the waiting time for an installation ?
Brisbane Solar & Electrical takes a maximum of 20 applications per install team giving a estimated install time of 1 months maximum, depending on weather and supply.

Why do you charge different prices and extras ?
To install on different types of roofs we require more racking components which are more expensive. High-set houses take more time and product to install and therefor are a higher price. Older switchboards require more work so are charged accordingly.


"Ask how you can get 100% of the Recs you are entitled too. "

Why should the racking stand off the Roof ?
Brisbane Solar Electrical use Racking that leaves a gap between your roof and the panels of no less than 50 mm. This allows ventilation of the panels , keeping them cooler and able to produce more power. If you ever notice when it is cloudy and the sun comes out the system will show a high out put power , this is the temperature coefficient in operation.

What is the process?
When you have made the choice to engage Brisbane Solar & Electrical fill in our form on "sign up" page,or contact us by phone we will come and have a look at your house and at this time a form 1003 will be generated to be signed by you for ENEGEX to raise a network contract agreement. We will then schedule you for an install.

Latest News The recs multiplier has now dropped to times 3 and the rebate is now a maximum of $3720.make sure you install your solar system be for the government change the rebate again.

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