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What is air conditioning? How does it work?

Air conditioning refers to air-conditioning or cooling system that engages solar power or energy instead of electricity.

Solar air-conditioning does herald the onset of a new ‘green’ era of generating energy from natural sources and would thus emphasise on the no electrical energy and green-certified design of buildings.

As per the basic laws of physics, if we heat gas it expands. In all air conditioner systems, refrigerant gas is used and the compressor pressurizes this gas and thus the cooling process is enabled. This is typically the process when the same is plugged to an electrical circuit. Alternatively, the new-age natural energy source, the sun can be tapped as an external heat source via a flat plate and temperatures are collected through this flat plate and the heat is directed to the refrigerant building up the pressure and thus the cooling process is enabled, it is energy-efficient and the air-conditioner is operational.

Why choose Brisbane Solar?

With rising electricity bills, it is but prudent to tap energy from our natural resources and reduce your power bills. If you install solar-powered inverters, water or cooling systems, your power bill is greatly reduced. During summer, when the temperatures are soaring, solar air conditioners are the most viable option and we can use it all day and night and it will not at all make a dent in our pockets.

Brisbane Solar is a Brisbane-owned and locally operated business.The experienced solar air conditioner installers in our company are Clean Energy Council certified and accredited. In fact, we have successfully installed over 3000 solar-powered air conditioners till now and we take immense pride in that. When we undertake to install a solar powered air conditioner, we guide you every step of the way, answer all your queries and also let you know which solar air conditioner is most suited for you. Of course, when you sign up with Brisbane Solar, all our products and equipments are backed with good warranties. And our relationship does not end here. We will conduct frequent checks and maintain it for you.

Solar air conditioning has literally taken Australia by storm. There are a lot of companies who specialize in installing and equipping solar air conditioners in residences and commercial buildings. The huge potential that we can achieve by tapping into the sun’s natural energy resources cannot be quantified. Therefore, when we are on the lookout for a good solar air conditioner and a certified company to undertake the same for you, it is always good to research, check and verify if they are certified, the number of installations done and of course the experience they have. In the Brisbane are, Brisbane Solar is definitely one that has lived up to its name is continuing to do so.

So if you want to ‘go green’, reduce your electricity bills and save money by tapping into the abundant ‘natural resource’,for all your heating and cooling needs, then contact us, Brisbane Solar today, we definitely believe in your initiative to ‘go green.’

What is LED lighting? Why is it special?

A light-emitting diode, LED is basically a two-lead light source that is silicon-based. It is basically a pn-junction diode that emits light when turned on. When a voltage is activated to the leads, electrons and electron holes activate in the device, releasing photons energy. The resultant effect is called electroluminescence, and the light colour emitted is based on the energy band gap in the semiconductor. This is a revolutionary lighting device that has taken the world by storm and is definitely an electrician’s favourite.

So what are the benefits of installing an LED light or lighting system?

So the next time you have a specific requirement for an electrician or an electrical expert for specific electrical services, or LED light, lights, lighting installers, who are leading and well-known with strong domain knowledge, then it is best to reach out to the Electrician Brisbane, Brisbane Solar. We are definitely the electricians who can make the ‘lighting’, difference to your place. Touch base with us; we are just a call away!

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